How to Begin to Ask for Help in Overcoming a Strong Addiction

With shows that highlight, and sometimes glorify, addiction, it can be hard to be taken seriously when you’re finally ready to ask for help. Where do you begin? Who can you talk to? Read on for a few tips on how and where you can begin the process of asking for help to overcome a strong addiction to whatever ails you.

Establish Personal Reasons to Change

You have to WANT to change—honestly, for real. There have been times in the past where you have probably vowed to yourself that a clean life was the way to be. But then you found yourself right back to square one. You have to have a personal reason, or reasons, to change, and it starts with that list of pros and cons in your head. When you feel that you can and believe that you can, then you are already two steps towards success with overcoming your addiction.

Talk to One or Two Trusted Loved Ones at a Time

Instead of piling your loved ones into a room to reveal your addiction and to ask for help, pinpoint one or two most trusted loved ones, and go to them first. Make the setting intimate and personal. Make yourself and your loved one comfortable. And be honest. Express your want to be free of your addictions, and ask for their support afterwards.

Ask for Help Setting Goals and Limiting Drug Use

Everything can be a drug because drugs are things that make you feel differently, sometimes positively and good, for short periods of time. So, really, anything can be a drug because anything can be an addiction. When you go to your loved ones, ask them and your counselors for help setting goals, accomplishing goals, and limiting use of your addiction. Or, if you would prefer a rehabilitative atmosphere, opt for advice from a North Tampa behavioral health center or equivalent.

Use Loved Ones’ Support as Your Driving Force to Be a Better You

If you have come this far, then you know, in your heart of hearts, that addiction is holding you back from being a better YOU—the best you that you could be. If you feel the need to relapse or go back to your old ways, think of your loved ones. Think of their support. Think of all the things you want to accomplish. And use this love and your dreams and goals as driving forces to stay clean and continue to pursue an addiction-free life.

Addiction affects more people than you realize, and the levels of severity vary from one person to another. However, you can stop the cycle. Choose life, love, and good health by following the aforementioned tips to asking for help with overcoming a strong addiction.