What is addiction?

For those who do not know exactly what is an addiction, we can tell you that this is a primary, chronic disease with genetic factors, environmental factors that influence the development and demonstrations, in addition is very much related to the psychosocial. This is a terrible disease that destroys not only people, but also is often progressive and is characterized exclusively by the continuous episodes and periods of:

  1. Lack of control on the use of substances.
  2. The use of substances in spite of its adverse consequences.
  3. Notable denial.
  4. Distortion of thought.

Why at the beginning of this article we mentioned the word “primary”? Well, this can be defined as the nature of the addiction as a pathological entity that is separate from other pathophysiological states that may be associated. When we say primary, we are referring to that addiction is not a mere symptom of another underlying disease process.

Many people do not understand that addiction is a disease, but it truly is. This is a disease that is derived from a disability and involuntary is represented by the sum of abnormal phenomena that are present in a group of individuals. These phenomena are directly associated with a set of very specific and common features. All this causes that individuals differ from the norm, and are placed at a disadvantage.

In our rehabilitation center Morningsiderecovery.com we teach our patients that this disease is one of many diseases that has no cure, and it is in our hands to be able to give you a radical solution to this problem.

The only thing that we need new patients is that, to put much of their party and put into practice the muscle of the force of will because without that we will not be able to do much, an important part of the rehabilitation treatment is that the patient provides. It is for this reason that we invite you to take the first step and you recognize that you need professional help to get out of the clutches of addictions, because it is the only chance you have to regain full control of your life.

If you feel that you are tired of the things in your life go so bad and you need help, then do not let pass a minute more and contact us right now, exposes your situation through an e-mail and immediately our customer service agents will respond to your message to explain the steps to follow.

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